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Changing horses midstream may look bold and daring in the celluloid world of cowboys. But in the real world of business, changing directions midstream can have devastating consequences.

But Wyden King took the bull by the horn and forged ahead, unafraid of the unknown, unfazed by financial repercussions, undaunted by setbacks and hard lessons learned. Realizing that his previous line of business was no longer in harmony with his Christian values, Wyden King steered his company to a new path. Moved by his deep faith and trust in God, coupled with his keen sense of business and a strong pulse for the market place, he crafted the purpose, the market, and the needs each of the properties would serve... and serve well.

Legend Hotels International Corporation is a 100% Filipino-owned and Filipino-managed chain of hotels. Today, it provides accommodation beyond 600 rooms, and still growing, to a wide range of clientele - company executives, families, OFW's, balikbayans provincial business travelers, local and foreign tourists.