About Us

Nurturing Relationships

A first-time visitor at properties of the Legend Hotels International Corporation might pass off the signature smile or hand-to-heart gesture as perfunctory greetings extended to guests. In truth, they are heart-born expressions of love, respect, appreciation and commitment to give the best of one's service.

This new culture is the product of a shift in paradigms. If in the past, profit was the end all and be all of LHI's existence, today, profit is the means to achieve an end. The new order of the day is nurturing relationships in order to cultivate the good in customers and employees.

For instance, more than the comfort and convenience of guests, LHI room innovations are intended to encourage togetherness among family members or camaraderie among company employees.

Internally, currently in place is an in-house program called "Bisita sa Bahay", which seeks to help maximize the full potential of an employee, making him someday the "champion of his function".