About Us

Path to the Future

Armed with faith and courage in one hand, business sense and foresight in the other, LHI continues to tread the road less traveled, steadfast in its conviction to pursue and achieve its vision.

Whether it be in the near or far future, the vision remains the same: to be a chain of super value hotels that provides the best of the Filipino in service that is anchored on God-centered values.

In the existing properties, transformation trends are happening with the hope of optimizing their full potential. Plans are, also, in the offing to establish presence in untapped markets where its brand of service can be of great help. LHI key people are well-prepared to seize opportunities as they arise in the marketplace.

LHI's time has come. And it is poised to prove to the world that, indeed, business founded on Christian values achieves its goals, even surpasses them. That with faith, commitment and perseverance, a daring vision can be realized.