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The Best of Filipino Dining Experience at The Mabuhay Manor Hotel

Imagine having tuyo, dilis, tinapa as a staple breakfast food in a hotel... it can only happen at The Mabuhay Manor The First Balikbayan Hotel. Lola's Restaurant serves an authentic regional buffet breakfast, showcasing our cultural heritage through ambiance, music and service Filipino style. Our menu consists of typical Pinoy favorites such as salted egg with tomatoes, various kinds of kakanin and dried fish which balikbayans missed after living abroad for a long time. It is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 am daily.

Sala is situated at the lobby lounge and is open during lunch and merienda. It offers sumptuous dishes which originated from different parts of the country such as Bistek Pilipino, Crispy Pata and more.
Filipino delicacies like bibingka, puto bumbong and our very own dessert called the Banana Choco Chip Cake can also be ordered while hanging out with friends or during short meetings. What's noticeable is the colorful display of plates and saucers in sync with the fiesta atmosphere found at the main lobby.

Sutukil is a a mix of Cebuano cooking terms SUgba (grilled over charcoal), TUla (stew or soup) and KILaw (marinated in vinegar and seasonings). Its beginnings could be traced in Mactan Island, Cebu where a cluster of eateries situated in nearby seashores have seafood laid out and ready to be cooked in any which way the customers prefer. It has become so popular that it's a must destination even among tourists.

Here in Manila, you can now have the Sutukil experience for dinner. Upon entrance to the Sutukil Pool Bar and Restaurant, you will be greeted by our chefs behind a glass counter where a wonderful array of fresh seafood can be seen. You get to choose how you want your food done sutukil style and see how it is cooked right there before your eyes! Enjoy eating al fresco underneath the stars beside the hotel pool.Get ready to have an enticing and entertaining dining adventure from start to finish. The Sutukil Restaurant is open from 6:00 pm onwards.

The Mabuhay Manor offers the best of traditional Filipino comfort food from sun up to sun down. It is located at 2933 Ortigas St. Pasay City. For reservations, please call (632) (02) 7022700 to 04 or visit for more details.

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